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Tipi tent with trolley

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This is tent only. You may choose to buy this product along with the TIPI Trolley from Spot Collection

  • Width: 213

  • Depth: 100

  • Height: 167

Dimensions (cm) of Trolley:

  • Width:213

  • Depth:100

  • Height:167


Features and benefits:

  • The tent in complementary product for the TIPI Trolley (Tipi Trolley to be bought separately) creates a unique and interesting play zone, not just for babies but for little older children too.

  • Neutral color allows you to personalize it with colorful things you like.

  • Strong belts and buckles allow multiple and trouble-free fastening.

  • The fabric with a dense weave makes it last for many years.

Colour of Tent:

  • A warm shade of grey.

 Package weight of tent:

  • 2 kg (1 pack)

Material of Tent:

  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

  • Can be washed at 30 degrees and ironed with a slightly warm iron.

Buy this Trolley for single bed (90X200) or couch (90X200) from Spot Collection


Features and benefits:

  • Wooden Tipi trolley can be fitted to a  single bed (90x200) or a day bed (90x200) 

  • By covering it with a tent (tent to be bought separately), you can convert it into a cozy canopy and by hanging the organizers on it ( to be bought separately) you have the necessary things handy.

  • A mobile piece of furniture that your children will love - they can use it for sleepovers with friends or games.

  • Trolley equipped with small wheels - easily move it anywhere in the room.

Colour of trolley:

  • Acacia

Package weight of trolley:

  • 19 kg (2 packs)

Material of trolley:

  • Wood

Assembly instructions:


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