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Table with raised top

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AED. 1,147
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Width: 67

Depth: 51

Height: 57

Weight : 18 kg (3 packs)

A table for the things you need most at hand.

You can use it as a coffee table, work table or as a bedside table.

The perfect solution for a person who wants to have a laptop always at hand.

With a parallel counter, you can work comfortably.

Under the table, there is space for small things.

Under the liftable top, inside the storage area of the table, there are cable holes to manage the laptop cables neatly.

The table has locks - you can move it comfortably and also stall it firmly.

Color : White

Design :Joanna Leciejewska, Piotr Kuchciński.

Material : Laminated board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean;Wood - legs.

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