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Square hanging mirror

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AED. 795
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Width: 80 cms

Depth: 2.5 cms

Height: 80 cms

Weight : 15 kg (1 pack)

The mirror has discreet LED lighting, the source of which is hidden on the 3 edges of the mirror (two side and top). Lighting makes evening make-up easier and also brings mood lighting into the bedroom.

The minimalist light switch is located on the front of the mirror (in the lower right corner).

The mirror can be hung as a standalone item on the wall or next to the dresser from the Simple Collection by Vox. Its width fits perfectly with the dimensions of the Dressing Table and when suspended just above it, optically enlarges the dressing table, creating a spectacular illusion of a round table.

Design :Marta Krupińska.

Material : A mirror surface.

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