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Set of 3 additional drawers for the bench

Delivery Time : 90 Days
AED. 442
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Buy this product to complement the Bench with 6 nooks.

Delivery timeline 45-50 days

Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 46

  • Depth: 21

  • Height: 16


Features and benefits:

  • A set of 3 additional drawers for the Bench with 3 Drawers, allows you to fill all of its nooks.

  • The drawers are located under the seats to make accessibility convenient.

  • The drawers have exactly same looking front and back side. In case of any damage, you can turn the drawer to the other side and continue to use as usual.

  • The bench has stoppers to prevent the drawers from falling out accidentally. If you want to take the drawers out just press the tip of the stopper and release the drawer.


  • White

  • Acacia


  • Wiktoria Lenart

Package weight:

  • 7.8 kg (1 pack)


  • Laminated board 

Assembly instructions:


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