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RTV Cabinet- Oak

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AED. 2,043
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Width: 179.5 cms

Depth: 40 cms

Height: 50 cms

Weight : 42 kg (3 packs)

The RTV cabinet from the Nature collection is available in two front colors - Oak & white. Thanks to which it fits diverse decors.

The two-colored cabinet (with the wood decor on the outside, white inside) gives it an interesting look.

Rounded wooden handles perfectly fit the aesthetics of the furniture.

The slanted leg system gives the RTV cabinet a lightness and is a common element of the collection, giving it a harmonious look.

The front, horizontal edges are made of oak. This treatment not only improves the aesthetics of the furniture but also makes it safer to use by preventing it from scratches.

The shelf located in the open area is mounted at a fixed height. Thanks to this, the open space remains visually clean and without the need of additional drilling.

The drawers have a silent closing mechanism.

In the middle of the RTV cabinet there is a hole for cable management.

Color : Natural oak

Design : Tabanda.

Material : Wood - legs, handles and wooden edges of the furniture; Two-sided laminated board (body) - resistant to dirt. Laminated board (fronts) - resistant to dirt.

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