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RTV 120 cabinet

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AED. 1,586
color: Oak
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 120

  • Depth: 45

  • Height: 56


Features and benefits:

  • Define your dream furniture by choosing the color of the fronts.

  • The RTV 120 cabinet from the Simple by Vox collection is designed after an in-depth study of how people like to use RTV furniture.

  • The depth and height of the cabinet is influenced by the guidelines resulting from the research. The TV placed on the cabinet is at an ergonomic height to comfort the viewer sitting on the couch. In the open spaces, almost any electronic equipment will fit (including thick). The depth of the furniture is a combination of several guidelines: a piece of furniture neither too wide for a hanging TV, nor too narrow for a TV mounted on the cabinet.

  • The design of the furniture has been strengthened by a fifth leg, which makes the cabinet ready to bear heavy loads, making your valuables safe on it. 

  • Both drawers have a Silent Closing System, thanks to which even a quick closing of the drawer will not damage the cabinet or its contents.

  • The interior of the drawers has been designed to accommodate both CDs, Blue Ray and DVDs.

  • There are two open spaces above the drawers for storing electronic equipment. Their size is dictated by the size of electronic equipment available in a wide distribution. In addition, DVDs will also fit in open spaces. The gap between open spaces allows you to connect equipment in-between.

  • Two beech cable hollows allow you to bring power, internet and signals from the antenna to the cabinet. 


  • Body - Oak

  • Fronts - to choose from: white, grey, black or oak

  • Legs - Oval oak legs

  • Handles - white


  • Marta Krupińska


  • Body: Oak body - laminated board. 

  • Fronts: laminated or painted furniture board - depending on the color option chosen. Grey or oak front - laminated board. White or black front - painted board with a soft touch finish.

  • Legs in wood color: Oak.

  • Handles: Metal

Assembly instructions:


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