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Nest Modular mattress

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Delivery timeline 3-5 days

Buy this product for Bunk Bed or Table Like Container from NEST Collection by VOX .

Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 90

  • Depth: 52

  • Height: 11


Features and benefits:

  • The Nest modular mattress is only available in grey.

  • It consists of 4 smaller mattresses that can be combined with each other using felt buckles and buttons (which comes along with this product).

  • The mattress can function in several ways:

    1. All smaller mattresses unbuttoned - we get 4 large seats to play on the floor in a larger group.
    2. Two mattresses buttoned together to form two small sofas.
    3. Fastened all together in one level to form a bed for occasional sleeping.
  • The modular mattress can be stored, for example, on top of the Table Like Container from NEST Collection by VOX or can be put away under the multi-bed or bunk bed, making the room look neat, tidy and spacious.

To complete the look buy this product with-


  • Gray


  • Bartłomiej Pawlak

  • Łukasz Stawarski

Package weight:

  • 7 kg (1 pack)


  • Felt - mattress

  • Plastic - buttons


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