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Multibed with MONSTER Overlay - Left

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Multibed (Left orientation) 140x200


  1. The multibed
  2. Storage with hanger - MONSTER overlay
  3. Study Desk with MONSTER overlay
  4. Table like storage with ICE-CREAM overlay
  5. Modular Mattress Foldable
  6. Wardrobe with MONSTER overlay
  7. Bookcase with 9 boxes 
  8. Lamp 
  9. 3 white boxes
  10. 2 black boxes
  • The bunk bed/ multi bed from our NEST Collection is a revolutionary piece of furniture that makes your children's/ teenager's room super efficient by saving tremendous space. A multi functional bunk bed.!
  • It is also helps to keep your child's room organized, neat and tidy at all times.
  • Barriers, ladder and structural elements under the mattress are made of solid wood, which increases the strength and the safety of the product.
  • The height of the sleeping place is such that the child is at eye level of the standing parent.
  • The bunk bed also has a small bookcase in which there is a 'secret' storage for treasures.
  • The sloping ladder makes it easier to get in and out of the bed. It can also be adjusted to cover any unevenness of the floor.
  • The specified width of the bunk bed/multi bed includes the ladder; the width of the multi bed without a ladder is 95 cm.
  • Colour: White larch, Graphite

  • Package weight: 111 kg (5 packs)

  • Material: Laminated board, Wood - barrier

  • Assembly instructions: Multi-left bed


Dimensions (cm): Width: 94.5 x Depth: 52 x Height: 89.5

  • The multi-bed or bunk bed desk is part of the multi-bed from the Nest Collection by Vox, which is a multi-functional body that can be used to hide other furniture from the children's and youth room when not in use. In this way, we save space and use only the furniture that is needed at that time.

  • The multi-bed desk has 4 large wheels (2 swivel, 2 not) so you can easily guide and move around the room. In addition, two wheels have brakes so that they can lock the desk in the desired place.

  • Thanks to the protective sides, there is no risk of damage when parking along neighboring furniture pieces under the multi bed.

  • At the front of the desk there is a storage space, in which you can put books or sports accessories.

  • Colour: White larch, Graphite

  • Package weight: 21 kg (1 pack)

  • Material: Laminated board, Wood - hanger

  • Assembly instructions: Multi bed desk


Dimensions (cm): Width: 52 x Depth: 92.5 x Height: 90

  • Storage with a hanger is part of the multi-bed from the Nest Collection. 

  • This storage with a hanger fits in the space within the bunk bed and frees up the room space when not in use. Easy to store, easy to use.

  • The storage with the hanger, as the name says, is for hanging clothes. High sides, in the bottom part of the furniture form a storage in which you can store small items, such as socks or toys.

  • The storage has 4 large wheels (2 swivel, 2 do not) so it can easily move around the room. In addition, the two wheels also have brakes so that they can be stalled at a place firmly.

  • Thanks to the protective sides, there is no risk of damaging adjacent furniture pieces when placed together with them under the bunk bed.

  • A wooden handle is a solid element to pull the storage. It can also be used to hang ornaments or organizers such as hooks, a hanging bag or a mini felt bag.

  • In the front, there is a storage space in which you can put books or sports accessories.

  • Colour: White larch, Graphite

  • Package weight: 22 kg (1 pack)

  • Material: Laminated board, Wood - railing

  • Assembly instructions: Storage with hanger (for multi bed)


Dimensions (cm): Width: 52 x Depth: 92.5 x Height: 45

  • A storage that can function as an independent piece of furniture for storing toys or be part of a multi bed or bunk bed from the NEST Collection by Vox.

  • Upon closing the lids/ cover of the storage, it turns into a small play table.
  • A multi bed or bunk bed is a multi-functional piece of furniture where you can hide other furniture from a children's room and a youth room when not in use. In this way, we save space and use only the furniture that is needed at that time.

  • Storage with table like cover, as its name suggests, has a storage in which you can keep games, toys, pillows, mascots, etc. You can also put on it a modular mattress from the collection of Nest by Vox and save space when storing it.

  • The container has 4 large wheels (2 swivel, 2 not), thanks to which it is easy to guide and move around the room, which facilitates cleaning and collecting toys from the floor.

  • Thanks to the protective sides, there is no risk of damage while placing the furniture in and out of the multi bed.

  • A wooden handle is a solid element to pull containers. It can also be used to hang ornaments or organizers such as hooks or felt mini bag.


Dimensions (cm): Width: 90 x Depth: 52 x Height: 11

  • The Nest modular mattress is only available in grey.

  • It consists of 4 smaller mattresses that can be combined with each other using felt buckles and buttons (which comes along with this product).

  • The mattress can function in several ways:

    1. All smaller mattresses unbuttoned - we get 4 large seats to play on the floor in a larger group
    2. Two mattresses buttoned together to form two small sofas
    3. Fastened all together in one level to form a bed for occasional sleeping 
  • The modular mattress can be stored, for example, on top of the Table like container and can be put away under the multi-bed making the room look neat, tidy and spacious.

  • Colour: Grey

  • Package weight: 7 kg (1 pack)

  • Material: Felt mattress, Plastic buttons


    Dimensions (cm): Width: 66.5 x Depth: 95 x Height: 202

    • The Nest wardrobe is a complementing piece of furniture to multi bed from Nest collection by Vox.

    • Inside the wardrobe there is space for folded clothes and a bar for hanging clothes.

    • The wardrobe has a lock, which makes it slide to a certain point, allowing access to all the contents of the cabinet inside and at the same time this also ensures safety of the user.

    • On either sides of the wardrobe there are two shelves (at the bottom), a nice space for smaller items.

    • On the outside there are 3 wooden hangers, on which you can hang clothes, bag, decorations and happy lights.

    • The wooden horizontal handles are set at two heights to make it easy for kids of different heights. They are made of solid wood and serve as both a handle and a place to hang organizers and hooks from Nest Collection by Vox.

    • In the bottom front there is also a small storage with access from top for newspapers, rolled papers/ gift wrapping sheets and other tall sports accessories, etc.

    • Colour: White larch, Graphite

    • Package weight: 120 kg (5 packs)

    • Material: Laminated board, Solid wood - hangers and handles. 

    • Assembly instructions: Wardrobe


    Dimensions (cm): Width: 28 x Depth: 95 x Height: 202

    • The multi bed bookcase is not an independent piece of furniture. It can function only when attached to the side of the multi bed or to the side of the cargo cabinet from the Nest Collection by Vox.

    • The various sizes of shelves allow you to store items of different sizes.

    • The long tall space on the side is the place for storing, for example, sports accessories.

    • Wooden hanger can be used to hang clothes, bags, lamps, scarves, etc.

    • This bookcase comes with dedicated 9 boxes.

    • Colour: White larch, Graphite

    • Package weight: 53 kg (2 packs)

    • Material: Laminated board, Wood - hanger

    • Assembly instructions: Multi bed bookcase


    Dimensions (cm): Width: 102.5 x Depth: 96.5 x Height: 66

    • The multi-bed lamp is not an independent piece of furniture. It functions only as an element of the Multi-Bed. This lamp is only compatible with multi bed left.

    • It is mounted on the corner of the multi bed from the Nest Collection by Vox.

    • The lamp is made of solid wood.

    • The LED element illuminates and is rotatable. You can turn it towards the wall to get soft lighting or towards the bed if you need direct lighting.

    • The switch is located next to the lamp itself, so you do not have to get up to turn it on or off.

    • Colour: White larch

    • Package weight: 3 kg (1 pack)

    • Material: Solid wood

    • Assembly instructions: Multi-left bed lamp


    • Bartłomiej Pawlak

    • Łukasz Stawarski


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