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Movable hanger for bunk bed

Delivery Time : 3-5 Days
AED. 1,058
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Width: 51

Depth: 90

Height: 137

Weight : 25 kg (2 packs)

A movable hanger is concealed in the area under the bunk bed. A movable hanger is a great solution for every room.

Wooden hanger has wheels - you can easily move it around anywhere in the room.

The capacity of the bar 10 kg.

The bunk bed is designed to accommodate 2 such movable hangers. If you are buying only one, you can use the other space for storing larger items.

Color : White;Acacia

Design : Bartłomiej Pawlak;Łukasz Stawarski

Material :Laminated board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean;Wood

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