Lori Study desk 130

Delivery Time : 3-5 Days
AED. 2,546

Width: 135 cms

Depth: 60 cms

Height: 78.5 cms

Weight : 28 kg (2 packs)

The study desk in the basic version has three sections under the worktop. You can keep a laptop, documents or put boxes 42x42x6cm - to help you organize your things under the desk. The boxes are not fixed to the furniture so you can mix and match them with other furniture pieces from our collection.

At the back of the table there is an long slot for storing office accessories. There is also has a cable management hole in it. In our collection, there are boxes/ organizers to match with long slot at the back to help you organize your stationary and office supplies. Dimensions of boxes which can be placed in this slot: 68x17x6cm and 45x17x6cm.

Therefore, this desk comes with ( included in this offer):

  • 3 boxes of 42 x 42 x 6cms
  • 1 box of 68 x 17cms
  • 1 box of 45 x 17cms.

The legs made of wood ensure the stability of the furniture.

This is a beautiful table that can be used in both teenager's and parent's study room. It has a very unique and stylish look that will suit the taste of both age groups alike.

Color: Graphite; Wood (legs)

Design: Marta Krupińska

Material: Laminated board , Wood and metal (legs).

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