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High cabinet set

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1 Door Grey Cabinet

Width: 47 cms

Depth: 49 cms

Height: 94 cms

Weight : 25 kg (1 pack)

Shelf in Pine Color

Width: 94 cms

Depth: 35 cms

Height: 47 cms

Weight : 20.4 kg (1 parcel)

Cabinet with Drawer and Storage Box in Taupe Color

Width: 94 cms

Depth: 49 cms

Height: 47 cms

Weight : 36.3 kg (2 parcels)

To create a space that not just looks good but also meets the functional needs of teens today, we have combined three beautiful pieces together from Stige collection.

This set consists of: A 1 door cabinet in Grey color, a shelf in pine color and a cabinet with drawer and storage box in taupe.

The furniture pieces can be connected to one another using special connectors to create a complete piece adapted to your teenager's needs. Both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The cabinet has a silent closing system.

There are two shelves inside the 1 door cabinet, each with adjustable height. It is possible to mount the door on the left or right side of the cabinet.

The shelf in pine color has three clean big levels.

The bottom cabinet has a drawer on top, while the box at the bottom is detachable.

Color : 1 Door cabinet - Grey; Shelf - pine; Bottom cabinet - Taupe & pine.

Design: Bartłomiej Pawlak; Łukasz Stawarski.

Material :Laminated board - resistant to dirt and damage.

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