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Happy Lights-Vanilla and Orange

Delivery Time : 3-5 Days
AED. 273
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Weight : 0.4 kg (1 parcel )

The set consists of 20 balls with LED lighting and a white cable with a switch.

The diameter of each ball is 6.5 cm.

The length of the double cable with lights is 150 cm. The total length of the cable is 290 cm.

The cable length from the plug to the switch is 120 cm.

The warm light of the Happy Lights lamps will bring a unique atmosphere to the interior.

The possibility of arranging the lamps freely - be it on the chest of drawers, the floor or hanging them on the wall allows you to arrange the space in many ways.

Color : A composition of pastel colors in shades of beige with a hint of orange.

Material :Cotton yarn.

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