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Foldable round dining table (4 to 8 seater)

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AED. 5,410
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Width: 110-160-210 cms

Depth: 110 cms

Height: 78 cms

Weight : 68 kg (3 packs)

Define your dream folding dining table with our oak colored dining table.

In the Simple Collection by Vox you will find 2 tables to choose from: Foldable Rectangular Dining Table (6 to 12 SEATER) and Foldable Round Dining Table ( 4 to 8 SEATER). Both available in 4 colors.

Round dining table is a unique product. On a daily basis, does not take up much space (after folding, the diameter of the table top is 110 cm) also works well in smaller spaces. When you need a larger top, you can enlarge it up to 210 cm.

The table in the folded version is designed for 4 people. After maximum spread, it will fit 8 people and if required even 10.

The top can be extended with two inserts - each with a width of 50 cm, giving the table top width: 110, 160 or 210 cm.

Color : Oak

Design :Marta Krupińska.

Material :Wood (legs);Veneer (sideboard under the top);Furniture board (table top) - resistant to damage and easy to clean. 

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