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Foldable rectangular dining table (6 to 12 seater)

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AED. 5,940
Color: Oak
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 140-340

  • Depth: 90

  • Height: 78


Features and benefits:

  • Define your dream folding dining table by choosing one of four color versions (white, grey, black or oak).

  • In the Simple Collection by Vox you will find 2 tables to choose from: Foldable Rectangular Dining Table (6 to 12 SEATER) and Foldable Round Dining Table ( 4 to 8 SEATER). Both available in 4 colors.

  • A rectangular dining table is a piece of furniture for special occasions. Every day, without taking up much space, it can function even in the smallest rooms (after folding it is 140x90 cm). When you need a table with a larger surface, you can spread the table top to 190, 240, 290 and 340cm!

  • All the elements needed to extend the table are located under the top - so you do not need additional space to hide additional legs & countertops.

  • The use of modern guides make it possible to transform a table from six seater to one that can accommodate 12 people!

  • Remember to extend the extra legs when the table is fully extended (up to 340 cm). For safety, we also recommend that they be ejected when the table is unfolded to the 290 cm version, in the version for 12 people.

  • As a folded table, 6 people can sit comfortably, as a table spread up to 190 cm, you can seat 8 people, with 240 cm 10 people can sit comfortably, with a table top up to 290 cm 12 people can sit at the table, and a table that is as wide as possible, is a comfortable space for up to 14 people.


  • You can choose a color: white, grey, black or oak.


  • Marta Krupińska

Package weight:

  • 98 kg (5 packs)


  • Wood (legs)

  • Veneer (sideboard under the top)

  • Furniture board (table top) - resistant to damage and easy to clean.

  • The scallops and legs of the black and white table are painted with paint (not soft, like the rest of the furniture). The top is not painted at all.

Assembly instructions:


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