Dining Tables

Foldable dining table (4 to10 seater)

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Closer chair - Orange

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Closer chair- dark brown

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Table dimension

Width: 139/179/219 cms

Depth: 100 cms

Height: 76 cms

Table Drawer

Width: 51 cms

Depth: 36 cms

Height: 8 cms

Weight : 71-75 kg (3 packs)

Folding table with a deck that has a recess in the table top for heaters, candles, fresh herbs, flowers.

By closing the recess, you can create a smooth table top.

Corners rounded for safety, edges in an oak color contrasting with the white top.

Stable structure thanks to wooden legs set at an angle.

There is a cable management hole to manage cables & wires.

The space between the tables tops can be filled with up to four two-colored reversible table drawers from the 4 You VOX offer. 4 Drawers are included in the offer.

You may choose to add a Bench for the dining Table with cushions.

Table 139x100 cm; has two 40cm wide inserts that extend the surface of the table top to a length of 219 cm.

Unused inserts can be hidden under the countertops.

The table length can be increased by one or two inserts - depending on your needs.

Color : White table top; Legs and edges of countertops: oak.

Design :Wiktoria Lenart

Material :Table top: MDF board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean; Legs: wood.

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