4You Boy - Subtle

Desk 140

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Width: 142 cms

Depth: 63.5 cms

Height: 78.5 cms

Weight : 63 kg (3 Packs).

A simple desk with functional lockers.

On the upper left side there is a file box with two compartments, covered with an oak lid.

The lid is an original organizer-toolbox, and the bottom turned upward extends the desk top.

At the bottom, there is an easy to pull-out drawer under the box.

There is another easy to pull out keyboard tray/ drawer under the worktop.

Clean and aesthetic colors make the desk fit into different spaces.

The oak-colored box is a delicate accent on the desk and a functional place to put away small items.

Colour: Body and front - white; Toolbox - oak.

Design: Bartłomiej Pawlak; Łukasz Stawarski.

Material :Laminated board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean.

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