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DESK 140 with wheels

Delivery Time : 90 Days
AED. 3,320
Color: Oak
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 140

  • Depth: 65

  • Height: 68.5 + 10 cms with wheels


Features and benefits:

  • Define your dream furniture by choosing the color of the fronts.

  • A desk configured without feet (on protective feet) will have a height recommended for users below a height below 150cm. We offer you a version with wheels to increase the height by 10 cms and make it friendly for taller people too.

  • There is a storage on the left side of the desk. Inside, there is a shelf with adjustable height. 

  • In the middle part of the desk there is a wide and very spacious drawer. You can store stationary and office supplies, a laptop, a charger calendar, etc. in there. The drawer is as wide as the table top and its shallow depth makes it easier to find small items in it.

  • In the right part of the desk there are 3 drawers. Their dimensions are designed to accommodate two rows of CDs.

  • The back of the desk has been aesthetically finished, so you can place it anywhere in the room (not just against the wall).

  • All doors and drawers are equipped with a Silent Closing System, so that even a sudden closure will not cause disturbance.

  • At the back of the desk, there is a functional slot in which you can place an all necessary chargers. In this simple way, you can organize the cables necessary to connect a lamp, laptop or phone charger, etc. Cables can be passed through the table, thanks to the cable management hole. Discreet hinges installed in the flap enhances the aesthetic value of the furniture.

  • There is a functional slot at the back of the table. With this furniture, you get a ready set of accessories that fit this functional slot to help you organize your table and make it look beautiful. All elements of the functional slot are made of oak.

  • This ready set of desk accessories includes:

    • A picture frame, a memo holder, a large toolbox and a 25 cm end cap.
    • The kit increases the functionality of the desk. The phone holder can act as a phone stand or a place for charging. The photo frame to put pictures of your loved ones. Memo holder allows you to keep notes to and make it handy. In contrast, the large toolbox acts as a pencil case, it is designed to store pens or pencils, scissors and even rulers. 
  • Furniture in oak and grey color is made of high quality laminated board (body and front). Black furniture is made of a painted board finished with a matt soft touch varnish (body and front). White furniture is made of laminated board (body) and a board painted with a matt soft touch varnish (front).


  • Body - Oak

  • Fronts - to choose from: white, grey, black or oak

  • Legs - On wheels

  • Handle - White


  • Marta Krupińska


  • Body: Oak color - laminated board. 

  • Fronts: laminated or painted furniture board - depending on the color option chosen. Grey or oak color - laminated board. Black or white - painted with a soft touch effect.

  • Wheels - black

  • Handles - metal.

Assembly instructions:


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