Stige Sibling

Denim bed bumper

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AED. 258
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Depth: 4

Height: 100

Weight : 1kg (1 Pack).

The denim mat with foam filling can easily be mounted on the ladders of the bed from the Stige collection.

a computer="" a="" working="" or="" drawing="" reading="" life="" of="" way="" teenager="" typical="" ladders="" those="" on="" comfortable="" very="" leaning="" makes="" mat="" denim="" spongy="" and="" soft=""

The mat can also be attached to ladders of desks and treated as a support for head.

The Stige collection has a whole series of denim accessories and organizers that creates a very vibrant teenager room.

Colour:Denim color.

Design :Bartłomiej Pawlak;Łukasz Stawarski.

Material :Denim.

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