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Day-bed with bottom bed

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Depth: 206

Height: 77

Dimensions (cm):  Bottom bed frame

  • Width:   85

  • Length: 195

  • Height: 19.5

    Weight :82 kg (4 Packs) Sofa & 15.1 kg(1 pack)- Bottom Bed Frame.

This product is day-bed with bottom bed. The additional bottom bed is a solution for additional guests.

There is a metallic frame that slides under the bed, as an extra bed, hidden at the bottom. It is covered with a wooden plank in front as shown in the video.

The bottom bed is a comfortable and solid place for occasional sleeping.

The permissible maximum weight of the person using the frame is 90 kg.

The ladders give a cool look to the bed. And also serve as a great place for organizing and displaying your stuff like boxes, boards (cork, mirrors or darts), happy lights, lesson plan, holiday photos and many other items. Jazzy organizers, functional boards and colorful boxes can create a vibrant room to match your teenager's taste.

The frame around the sofa protects the cushions from falling.

Bottom Bed: White; Pine ; Colour Bed: white .

Design :Bartłomiej Pawlak,Łukasz Stawarski

Material :Day-bed - Laminated board - resistant to dirt and damage; Bottom Bed frame - Wooden slats, metal frame

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