Nest Girl

Cushion for Multibed

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AED. 309
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Depth: 200

Height: 30

Weight : 1 kg (1 Pack)

Nest back cushions are only available in grey.

They can be used in a multi-bed. A multibed can accommodate a maximum of 3 pillows. We recommend you buy 3 together to get the best look.

They are made of very thick foam, making them comfortable support for the back.

It comes with a special roller for the mattress with a diameter of 25cm, that serves as a headrest.

Pillows are not attached to furniture. Their shape and size prevent them from falling off the multibed from this collection. They can also be used as a backrest independently in the room as per your need.

Color :Grey.

Design :Bartłomiej Pawlak;Łukasz Stawarski.

Material :Felt.

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