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Cube cabinet with shelf & drawer base

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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 54

  • Depth: 53

  • Height: 88


Features and benefits:

    • This is a combined set of cube cabinet with height adjustable shelves inside and a base with drawer at the bottom.

    • There is another version of it - cube cabinet with drawers inside & a base with drawers.

    • Doors have silent closing system

    • And a modern rubber handle.

    • To be bought separately: To give the room a vibrant and interesting character that your teenager's will love; add metal overlays on the door - you can draw on them, attach photos to the magnets, play and save various things.

    • Please note that for this cabinet only the overlays that have graphic designs will fit. They are all in size 53 x 52.5 cms. (The ones in solid colors are 35x34.5 cms and are meant for the innovative desks only)

    • To complete your teenager's room, you may also buy -  Bed base with a bottom drawer,  bed base with a bottom bed,  120x200 bed with storage space, innovative study desk,  corner wardrobe and many more useful & stylish furniture pieces to suit a teenager's lifestyle and taste. 



  • Cabinet - white

  • The base - The base comes in 2 colors to choose from - black or white

  • The drawer - Comes with both colors - one side black and one side white. You can simply turn the side around to suit your color scheme.


    • Marta Krupińska 

    Package weight:

    • 39 kg (3 packs)


    • Laminated board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean.

    Assembly instructions:


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