4You Baby Vox

Cot bed 70x140

Delivery Time : 90 Days
AED. 2,128
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Width: 75 cms

Depth: 144.5 cms

Height: 99.5 cms

Weight : 54 kg (2 packs)

Three different height positions of the mattress.

If you remove 3 bars from the middle of the frame, it makes it easier for the child to walk in & out of the cot on his own.

When your baby is ready for "big" changes, you can convert the cot into a bed and use it for a few more years. And even better, the sides of the baby cot can be turned into a table for your toddler to help with studies!

Color :Cot: White/ oak, Frame & legs: Oak.

Design : Joanna Leciejewska and Piotr Kuchciński.

Material : Laminated white & oak chipboard with structure and wood.

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