Lounge Baby Vox

Cot bed 70x140

Delivery Time : 90 Days
AED. 2,558
Color: White
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Width: 77 cms

Depth: 144.5 cms

Height: 97 cms

Weight : 42 kg (2 packs)

The cot has three levels of floor height adjustment, thanks to which you can adjust them perfectly to your current needs.

When your baby is ready for "big" changes, you can convert the cot in a bed and use it for few more years.

The wooden frame of the bed provides adequate ventilation and air circulation, which largely eliminates the factor that can cause allergies in children.

Our products meet European standards and safety standards, that's why your treasure can sleep peacefully and grow healthy.

Color : White / oak , Grey / oak.

Material: Pinewood, Oak wood, White and grey laminated board.

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