Young User Baby VOX

Cot bed 60x120

Delivery Time : 3-5 Days
AED. 1,558
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Width: 65 cms

Depth: 125 cms

Height: 86.5 cms

Weight : 28 kg (2 packs)

Meets European safety standards and guidelines.

Since the cot is on wheels, you can easily pull it to wherever you are to keep your baby close to you, when you are busy.

Wheels are with brakes so it can be safely stalled at a place.

Three levels of bed height adjustment makes the bed useful and functional at different developmental stages of your baby.

Removable rungs/bars allow free entry and exit from the bed.

The side of the bed after dismantling can be used as a shelf for toys.

Color : Cot: White.

Design : Marta Krupińska

Material :Laminated board & Wood

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