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Bunk bed Right

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AED. 6,616
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Width: 105

Depth: 205

Height: 184

Weight : 205 kg (11 packs)

The combination of a bunk bed with a bookcase, a dresser and a wardrobe in one is a revolutionary idea designed to suit the lifestyle of today's teenagers! Discover its functions, including hidden shelves in the middle of the structure! Its not just a bunk bed, but a truly interesting and useful piece of furniture that understand needs of your children.

The bed has a space with 4 drawers pulled out on high quality guides.

On four hidden shelves, in the middle of the bed (behind the space adapted to the movable) you can keep your winter clothes or other seasonal items. This space is fitted with LED lamps enabling convenient use.

The bed is available in left and right orientations.

To complete the look of this bunk bed you may choose to buy:

Movable hangers : Two movable hangers for clothes fit into the bunk bunk. They can also be used as an independent piece of furniture.

A canopy: Put a light cloth on the canopy of the bed and add small LED lights to create a magical aura.

Table for the bunk bed: This table is to help you work on your laptop without having to get down.

Color : White & Acacia

Design : Wiktoria Lenart

Material : Laminated board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean & Wood

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