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Box for foldable dining table & coffee table

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AED. 185
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Buy this product to complement the Foldable Dining Table or Coffee Table.

Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 23

  • Depth: 15

  • Height: 10


Features and benefits:

  • These Plywood boxes fit into the recesses in the dinning table top and coffee table top.

  • You can buy 2 pieces for the Foldable Dining Table and 1 for the Coffee Table.

  • Aesthetically-made boxes make it easier to sort items and maintain order.

  • They can also be used as independent storage/ organizer boxes as they are not fixed to the furniture pieces.


  • The natural color of plywood


  • Wiktoria Lenart

Package weight:

  • 0.9 kg (1 pack)


  • Plywood

Assembly instructions:


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