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Bookcase - Pine

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Width: 94 cms

Depth: 35 cms

Height: 142 cms

Weight : 27 kg (1 pack)

Width: 94 cms

Depth: 49 cms

Height: 47 cms

A bookcase is one of several furniture pieces from our Stige collection that can be used together to create a complete look of your teenager's room.

This product is a combination of a pine bookcase and a grey 2 door low cabinet from the same Stige collection.

This combination creates a complete piece adapted to your teenager's needs. Both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Furniture pieces with storage should always be placed at the ground level. Other furniture pieces should be placed on top of those.

Of the bookcase - 44 kg (2 packs)

Of the 2 Door low cabinet - 28.2 kg (1 parcel)

A low 2-door chest of drawers is one of the several elements of the Stige collection used to build your own furniture composition.

Mobile elements that can be connected with each other using special connectors will create an enclosure tailored to the individual needs of the user. Both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The elements that can be used to build such sets include a shelf, bookcase, chest of drawers with doors and a mobile container, chest of drawers with a drawer and a mobile container, 1-door cabinet, 2-door chest of drawers, 2-door low chest of drawers, low chest of drawers.

The multitude of elements, their various functions, colors and sizes will allow you to create an arrangement tailored to the individual needs of the user.

Items with mobile containers should always be on the ground. You can put other elements on them.

The chest of drawers has a silent closing system.

Inside, there are two shelves - each adjustable in height.

Color : Bookcase -Pine & Bottom cabinet - Grey

Design : Bartłomiej Pawlak & Łukasz Stawarski

Material : Laminated board - resistant to dirt and damage

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