Bookcase Harmonica

Delivery Time : 3-5 Days
AED. 2,075
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Width: 63/160 cm

Depth: 35 cm

Height: 203 cm

Weight : Of the bookcase - 105 kg (5 packs)

Harmonica bookcase consists of three segments, which can be combined in different ways, changing the dimensions of the furniture. Thanks to this, the bookcase can fit virtually any space.

The central part of the bookcase is mounted to the wall, thanks to which the bookcase is stable. The side segments can be freely extended, but they should overlap by a minimum of 10 cm.

Different shelf heights make it easy to store different items.

Absence of legs allows the placement of Narrow Drawers or Corner Shelves (only when the harmonica is extended or opened).

Color :Body: Graphite; Cashmere;Grey oak

Design : Marta Krupińska

Material :Laminated board.

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