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Bookcase Harmonica

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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 63/160

  • Depth: 35

  • Height: 203


Features and benefits:

  • Harmonica bookcase consists of three segments, which can be combined in different ways, changing the dimensions of the furniture. Thanks to this, the bookcase can fit virtually any space.
  • The central part of the bookcase is mounted to the wall, thanks to which the bookcase is stable. The side segments can be freely extended, but they should overlap by a minimum of 10 cm.
  • Different shelf heights make it easy to store different items.
  • Absence of legs allows the placement of Narrow Drawers or Corner Shelves (only when the harmonica is extended or opened).


  • Graphite

  • Cashmere

  • Grey oak


  • Marta Krupińska

Package weight:

  • 104 kg (5 packs)


  • Laminated board 

Assembly instructions:

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