Wardrobe and cupboards

2 Door wardrobe

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Width: 92.5 cms

Depth: 55 cms

Height: 185.5 cms

Weight : 78 kg (3 packs)

Define your dream furniture by choosing the color of cabinet.

The Simple by Baby Vox collection includes 4 types of cabinets: a 1-Door Wardrobe with an Extension for 1-Door Wardrobe , a 2-Door Wardrobe with an Extension for 2-Door Wardrobe, a Corner Wardrobe with an Extension for Corner Wardrobe and a 4-Door Wardrobe.

The 2-door wardrobe is a wardrobe that is designed based on real needs of human beings that understands how people like to store their baby's clothes and toys. Which is why at Vox we say Freedom Begins At Home!

In the left part of the cabinet there are four shelves - each with adjustable height. In the right part of the wardrobe, there are two bars to hang clothes - one mounted in the upper part permanently, the other with adjustable height. It is you, not the wardrobe who decides the length of clothes you want to hang!

The partition - between the hangers and shelves was intentionally not placed centrally. The designer checked that a folded pile of clothes needs a maximum of 35cm width, so that the clothes lay freely and can be accessed easily. Thanks to such an accurate analysis, we have 'just right' space for all clothes.

Inside the cabinet there is LED lighting with a motion sensor. The lamp gets on when you open the cabinet. It allows you to access clothes without having to light up the whole room.

If you want to change the interior of the wardrobe, you can always move the shelves and bar to another place.

The door has a Silent Closing System so that even sudden closing will not wake up your sleeping baby.

Color : Oak

Design : Marta Krupińska

Material : Laminated or painted furniture board

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