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1 Door wardrobe

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AED. 1,535
Color: Black
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 46.5

  • Depth: 55

  • Height: 194.5


    Features and benefits:

    • Define your dream furniture by choosing the color of fronts.

    • The Simple by Vox collection includes 4 types of cabinets: a 1-Door Wardrobe with an Extension for 1-Door Wardrobe , a 2-Door Wardrobe with an Extension for 2-Door Wardrobe,Corner Wardrobe with an Extension for Corner Wardrobe and a 4-Door Wardrobe.

    • The 1-door wardrobe is a storage space, the design of which has been based on research on how to store clothes.

    • Inside the wardrobe there are 2 shelves and 1 hanger bar. The bar can be hung in the upper rim or under the shelf, giving you the choice to adjust the height.  It is you, not the wardrobe, who decides what length of clothes you want to hang inside the piece of furniture. This is why at Vox, we say, Freedom Begins At Home...which means live the way you want!

    • Inside the cabinet there is also LED lighting with a motion sensor. The lamp comes on when you open the cabinet. It allows you to take out things without having to light up the entire bedroom.

    • If you want to change the design of the wardrobe interior, you can always move the shelves and bar to another place.

    • Optionally, you can also buy an Extension for 1-Door Wardrobe to increase the storage space of the furniture.

    • The cabinet doors can be mounted so that they open to the right or left side - depending on your needs or preferences.

    • The door has a Silent Closing System so that even when suddenly closing the doors close quietly.

    • Furniture in oak and grey color is made of high quality laminated board (front body). Black furniture is made of a painted board finished with a matt soft touch varnish (front body). White furniture is made of laminated board (body) and a board painted with a matt soft touch varnish (front).


    • Body - Oak

    • Front - you can choose a color: white, grey, black or oak

    • Legs - Oval Oak Legs

    • Handle - White


    • Marta Krupińska


    • Body: Oak body - laminated board. 

    • Front: laminated or painted furniture board - depending on the color option chosen. Grey or oak front - laminated board. White or black front - painted board with a soft touch finish.

    • Legs in wood color: Oak.

    • Handle: Metal

    Assembly instructions:


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