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Nest Multibed (Right) without mattress

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AED. 7,103 AED. 9,470
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Nest Storage with hanger & pink overlay

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Nest Storage with shelves & pink overlay

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Nest Wardrobe with pink overlay

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Nest Bookcase for multi bed

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Delivery timeline 3-5 days

Nest Multibed (Right orientation) 140x200 without mattress & pink overlay

  • Multi bed-Right with 5 boxes
  • 1 Desk for multi bed with Pink overlay
  • 1 Table like storage with Pink overlay for multi bed
  • 1 set Modular mattress for space under multi bed
  • 1 Right bed lamp for multi bed right
  • 3 pcs Curtains for space under multi bed.
  • 1 Dry wipe board for multi bed
  • 5 Grey felt organizers for multi bed
      • Width: 140.5

      • Length: 205

      • Height:173.5


      Features and benefits:

      • The bunk bed/ multi bed from our NEST Collection is a revolutionary piece of furniture that allows you to arrange your children's/ teenager's room in a manner that saves tremendous space. A multi functional bunk bed.
      • It is also helps to keep your child's room organized, neat and tidy at all times.
      • Barriers, ladder and structural elements under the mattress are made of solid wood, which increases the strength and the safety of the product.
      • The height of the sleeping place is such that the child is at eye level of the standing parent.
      • The bunk bed also has a small bookcase in which there is a 'secret' storage for treasures...
      • The sloping ladder makes it easier to get in and out of the bed. It can also be adjusted to cover any unevenness of the floor.
      • The specified width of the multi bed includes the ladder; the width of the bunk bed/multi bed without a ladder is 95 cm.


      • White larch

      • Graphite


      • Bartłomiej Pawlak

      • Łukasz Stawarski

      Package weight:

      • 111 kg (5 packs)


      • Laminated board

      • Wood - barrier

      Assembly instructions:


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