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Foldable dining table (4 to 6 seater)

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  • Width: 146-198

  • Depth: 104

  • Height: 76


Features and benefits:

  • In the center of the tabletop of this folding dining table there is a recess in which you can store herbs, cutlery, napkins, chargers, pencils or other accessories you like. The recess can be closed at any time to make it a flat top.

  • The ends are rounded to make the table safe.

  • The recess is open on the sides. Thanks to this, you can organize cables from laptop or lamps, through it.

  • The table has two extensions and an insert to close the recess (all hidden under the counter). Using the extension and the inserts you can extend the dinning table from 4 to make it a 6 seater. Therefore, its called a foldable dinning table.

  • A maximum of 4 plywood boxes, from our Spot Collection by Vox, can fit into the recess of the dinning table top. This table comes with 2 boxes already. If you wish, you may choose to buy 2 more Plywood Boxes to fit into the table top here. 

  • The legs made of wood ensure the stability of the furniture.

  • The minimum length of the tabletop is 134 cm. The length of 146 cm takes into account the table legs protruding from the table top.


  • White table top; acacia legs


  • Wiktoria Lenart

Package weight:

  • 53 kg (3 packs)


  • Laminated board 

  • Wood - legs

Assembly instructions:


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