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Closed bookcase with table as base

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AED. 3,234
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Width: 107

Depth: 95

Height: 194

Weight : 118 kg (5 packs)

LA very unique combination of bookcase planted on a table below. Suits the lifestyle of young children as well as teenagers. The shelves inside the bookcase are height adjustable.

The table below is concealed under the platform which is easy to pull-out when you need.

Add metal overlays on the door - you can personalize in style or draw on them, attach photos to the magnets, play and save various things. Each door panel can hold one overlay. So choose all 6 (one for each door) or fewer overlays as you like from the range given here.

Silent Door Closing System.

Modern rubber grips.

The base of this bookcase has a hidden table under it. You can use it as a easy pull-out table and also store things inside it.

This table can also be safely used to sit on it.

Color : Bookcase - white &Base is white. Inside which there is a pull out table. The table has dual color. One side black and one side white. Which can be reversed and used to match the color of your room.

Design : Marta Krupińska

Material : Laminated board - resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean.

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