Vintage Baby Vox

Chest of drawers with 3 drawers

Delivery Time : 90 Days
AED. 2,170
Color: Oak
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 100 

  • Depth: 58.5

  • Height: 90


Features and benefits:

  • A spacious chest of drawers with three drawers that can fit all your baby's clothes and accessories.

  • Drawers have a push to open opening system, operated by pressing the front of the furniture, thanks to which they are safe and easy to use.

  • Your baby has grown out of 'baby' colors? Do you want to change the look of the room? Sure thing because in the Vintage collection it is possible to change the front color of the dresser. Simply buy only the front color overlay for 3 drawers from our 6 color options, anytime you need.

  • Our products meet European standards and safety standards.


  • Body: oak

  • Fronts in colors: oak, white, blue, pink, green and yellow

Package weight:

  • 52 kg (3 packs)


  • Body: laminated oak-colored board

  • Feet: oak wood

  • Fronts: laminated board in color: oak, white, blue, pink, green and yellow

Assembly instructions:


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