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Nature 6 Seater Dining table with drawers

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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width:180

  • Depth:100

  • Height:75


Features and benefits:

  • The 6 Seater Dining table with drawers from the Nature collection is made of 100% wood and metal inserts.

  • You may buy Closer chairs also additionally  for this table.

  • Through the entire length of the table runs a recess, made of metal painted in black. There are 3 lids to cover it. The table can be used in any configuration: with the entire recess covered with black metallic lids or with entire recess fully uncovered or partly uncovered. The table comes along with the 3 metallic covers. The unused lids can be placed inside the recess itself so no additional space is needed nor you need to worry about losing them.

  • This panel is suitable to keep hot pots and pans.

  • The long edges of the table are rounded upwards. This is not only an aesthetic effort but also a safety feature.

  • The most unique and intuitive feature of this table is that it comes with 6 drawer under the table top. They are made of wood and painted in black. The slope shape means that despite the large capacity, they visually slim down the table.

  • In the drawers you can store table accessories or items of your interests & hobbies, work or play with children or simply dedicate one drawer to each family member for personal choices.

  • The oblique angle of the legs gives the table, with a large top, a great lightness.


  • Black - metal elements and drawers

  • The natural color of the oak


  • Tabanda

Package weight:

  • 79 kg (2 packs)


  • Oak wood (wood is a heterogeneous material, that is why it is natural that knots, discolorations, non-homogeneous arrangement of the rings, etc. are present in them. These features can not be a reason for complaint, because they result from the use of natural wood).

  • Metal (steel) colored black


Assembly requires assistance. Our team will do it for you for no additional charges.

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