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4 Door wardrobe

Delivery Time : 90 Days
AED. 5,555
Color: Oak
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Dimensions (cm):

  • Width: 185

  • Depth: 55

  • Height: 239

Product Description

Features and benefits:

  • Define your dream furniture by choosing your preferred colors.

  • The Simple by Vox collection includes 4 types of cabinets: a 1-Door Wardrobe Extension for 1-Door Wardrobe , a 2-Door WardrobeExtension for 2-Door Wardrobe, a Corner WardrobeExtension for Corner Wardrobe and a 4-Door Wardrobe.

  • The height of the 4-door wardrobe corresponds to the height of the other wardrobes from this collection, with already installed extensions. It's a complete wardrobe, locked in one piece of furniture.

  • It has folding doors, which, on the one hand, saves space in the bedroom, and on the other hand allows easy access to the shelves inside. In addition, the door has a Silent Closing System - especially useful in the bedroom, where peace and silence are valued the most.

  • Inside the cabinet there are 3 LED lamps with motion sensors - they light up when opening the cabinet. They allow you to take out things from inside without having to light up the entire bedroom.

  • The wardrobe has additional two legs (the so-called fifth and sixth leg), strengthening its structure - thanks to them, the wardrobe can withstand really large loads.

  • The interior of the cabinet has been designed based on studies of how people use cabinets and store clothes. Therefore its design meets all your real needs with respect to storing and managing your wardrobe...When you want to change its design, you can do it at any time by moving the shelves and hanger bars from one place to another, creating a space tailored to your needs. This is why at Vox, we say, Freedom Begins At Home...which means live the way you want!

  • Inside there is 1 hook for easy preparation of clothes for the next day.

  • The wardrobe has 3 hanger bars - one mounted permanently and the rest  two to be placed in the wardrobe according to your preferences. In addition, you will find six movable shelves, which you can also arrange so that the interior of the cabinet suits your needs. Two huge drawers will make it easier to store undergarments and the space under them is a perfect place for storing handbags or shoes packed in containers. There is also space for seasonal clothes!

  • Furniture in oak and grey color is made of high quality laminated board (front body). Black furniture is made of a painted board finished with a matt soft touch varnish (front body). White furniture is made of laminated board (body) and a board painted with a matt soft touch varnish (front).


  • Body - Oak

  • Fronts - to choose from: white, grey, black or oak

  • Legs - Oval oak legs.

  • Handles - White.


  • Marta Krupińska


  • Body: Oak body - laminated board.

  • Fronts: laminated or painted furniture board - depending on the color option chosen. Grey or oak front - laminated board. White or black front - painted board with a soft touch finish.

  • Legs in wood color: Oak.

  • Handles: Metal

Assembly instructions:


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